Here\u2019s How the Polestar Precept Was Created

It was only a short while ago that Polestar was an outside Volvo tuner. Then the company was brought in-house, playing the role of Volvo’s own AMG, one whose cars you could buy in Volvo dealerships alongside milder offerings. Fast-forward a few short years, and Polestar is now Volvo’s electric sub-brand, with its own identity and design language.

Just how did that design language and separate identity evolve?

This week Polestar gave the world a closer look at the development of the Precept show car that was slated to debut in Geneva last year, before the show itself was canceled. The Precept has subsequently been greenlit for production, is expected to become available in late 2022, and is setting its sights on the likes of the Mercedes-Benz EQS, Porsche Taycan and Tesla Model S. That’s right: The Precept will become Polestar’s flagship electric sedan in just a little over a year, one that’s expected to offer a dual-motor layout and a long-range battery.

In a new documentary series, Polestar gives a glimpse at the development of the concept car itself, one that is expected to be a close preview of the production version in 2022.

“We wanted to open up and show what goes on behind the scenes in this fascinating process,” said Maximilian Missoni, head of design at Polestar. “The documentary series will show how we work, the challenges we face and how we overcome them, first in producing the amazing show cars we built in 2020, and of the real production vehicle starting to take shape.”

The documentary is also a rare glimpse into how concept cars actually come together, casting light on how the smallest bits of materials come together, and the decisions that are made along the way. The documentary offers a few clues as to how the Precept will seek to set itself apart from the rapidly growing competition, as several automakers enter the field and develop EV luxury sedans of their own.

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