GM Ultium Charge 360 Is Coming to EV Fleets

Back in the spring GM rolled out Ultium Charge 360, designed to streamline the charging experience for EV owners by pooling together seven charging providers, designed to give EV owners easy access to almost 60,000 chargers across the US and Canada. The automaker inked agreements with EV Connect, EVgo, Greenlots, ChargePoint, Blink Charging, SemaConnect, and FLO, allowing its subscribers to pull up and easily pay via its app.

Now GM along with BrightDrop, a new business unit aimed at logistics and commercial delivery in the EV age, want to bring the functionality of Ultium Charge 360 to fleets as more commercial vehicles become electric in the coming years. The fleet service version of Ultium Charge 360 seek to offer fleet owners the tools to plan, finance, and operate charging stations in depots and fleet yards offering fleet management tools, including integration with OnStar Vehicle Insights as well as the new BrightDrop fleet and asset management platform. So it will be more than just as app for fleet managers and drivers.

GM indicates that through Ultium Charge 360, OnStar Business Solutions, GM Fleet, and BrightDrop, its customers will be able to create customized plans and select from several preferred providers for fleet electrification needs.

“Through Ultium Charge 360, BrightDrop fleet operators will be able to access tools and resources that will help accelerate their transition to sustainable all-electric delivery fleets,” said Travis Katz, president and CEO, BrightDrop. “This is a turning point for our industry. Our commercial delivery customers are seeking innovative approaches to lower their operating costs as they electrify their fleets. Ultium Charge 360 is the latest innovation to enable BrightDrop, together with our customers, to help decarbonize the last mile.”

GM is currently working with four depot charging infrastructure providers including Schneider Electric, eTransEnergy, EVgo, and In-Charge Energy, and is expanding its commercial discussions with others to make EV charging for fleets easy on the go or at the depot.

However, it’s prudent to remember that we’re all still in the very early days of fleet electrification, and the number of battery-electric commercial vehicles is a good illustration of this. As vehicle fleets of the retail and logistics giants like Amazon, FedEx, UPS, and others go electric, the benefits of battery-electric fleets will become more obvious for businesses large and small. With the current near-absence of affordable and ready-to-buy battery-electric vans for tradespeople, for instance, these benefits are not especially obvious to companies at the moment.

GM is setting up its fleet charging management tools early, before battery-electric commercial vehicles become commonplace, but this early work is crucial to convince fleet operators early on, even before a great variety of commercial EVs arrives.

“Fleets have a significant impact on the transition to EVs and by expanding Ultium Charge 360 to our fleet customers, GM aims to be a significant industry leader to advance fleet EV adoption at scale and accelerate our goal of reaching 1 million EV sales globally by 2025,” said Ed Peper, US vice president, GM Fleet. “Fleet electrification is an important element of our growth strategy, and we will leverage our leadership and expertise in this space to support customers at home, at depots and in public with our suite of providers.”

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