First Tesla Model Y Police Car Enters Service

A Tesla Model Y joins the Detective Division of the Hudson Police Department.

Tesla cars were selected as police vehicles multiple times, but this seems to be the first Model Y assigned to this role, revealed by Hastings for the Hudson Police Department in New York.

The car, in its special outfit was delivered on December 21 and will be used by the Detective Division.

“This is the first Model Y that has been outfitted with lights, sirens and radio for police use – in the whole country (maybe even the world!)

Keep an eye out for our new ride!”

We guess that the Long Range AWD version of the car, with a range of 326 miles (EPA) will be a great detective car. The Model Y might actually be better than the Model 3 because it’s more spacious.

Since we don’t have much more info, let’s take a look at the two brief videos.

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