First Family Drive In Tesla Model S Plaid: Priceless Reactions

How about checking out the Plaid from an average family’s perspective, without the need to show off.

The Tesla Model S has always been known for its amazing acceleration. However, people tend to follow that up by talking about what a great family car it is. This is because it’s not typical for a range, roomy, four-door family sedan to be quicker than every other car on the road.

We’ve seen and shared plenty of Plaid racing and acceleration videos, and it really seems to be all people are talking about when it comes to the Plaid. This makes perfect sense since it’s the quickest production car ever built, but the Model S is also a family car. Sure, it has incredible acceleration, but that’s far from the only reason it’s an excellent electric car.

The Pollard Family just took delivery of their new Model S Plaid. They highlight the car in the video above, but it’s unique compared to all other videos we’ve seen about the new Model S. Of course, they show off how quickly the car can rocket to 60 mph, as well as how the family reacts to such crazy acceleration. As expected, watching and listening to their reactions is priceless.

However, what makes this video unique is that it shares the Model S Plaid from an average family’s perspective, without the need to show off. We will say that while we haven’t yet had the chance to ride in or drive the Plaid, we reacted much like this the first time we were in a Tesla. If you drive one, there’s a really good chance you’re going to want to buy one. 

As EV advocates, it’s very important to let other people check out and experience our cars, and you don’t need to own a Model S Plaid to turn someone on to EVs. Moreover, you don’t need to own a Tesla at all. Regardless of which electric car you drive, take folks for a spin, let them drive it themselves, and most of all, try to educate them.

Source:The Pollard Family (YouTube)

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