Electric Pickman Is The Cutest Little Pickup You'd Ever See

Perfect for city deliveries and some ranch chores – with zero emissions.

Electric pickup trucks are becoming a thing these days, but nothing compares to the cuteness of China’s Pickman all-electric pickup truck. Even better, it only has a price tag of $5,700.

This cutesy two-seater utility truck is a product of Kaiyun Motors. According to the spec sheet sent to us, the Pickman has an actual loading capacity of up to 1,000 kilograms (2,205 pounds), although its rated load capacity is only up to 600 kilograms (1,323 pounds). The bed behind the single cab drops its sides and the tailgate, ensuring easy cargo loading from all directions. Plus, as this is an all-electric vehicle, the hood is also a storage unit with a capacity of up to 64 Liters.

Pulling all that weight is an AC synchronous motor that propels the rear wheels, powered by a centrally-installed 100Ah battery. Again, according to the spec sheet, the Pickman can reach up to 110 kilometers (68 miles) in a single charge, which will take 8 to 10 hours to get full capacity.

However, the power output of the motor is just 3 kW (4 hp) with a maximum speed of 40 kilometers per hour (25 miles per hour). There’s no disclosed torque figure but the brochure says “large torque motor and rear-wheel drive system, to provide sufficient power for the vehicle.”

With that said, you could treat the Pickman as a neighborhood vehicle, like a golf cart, or a workhorse in farms/ranches.

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With Ford making an electric F-150 pickup truck, and Rivian and Tesla right there with their powerful electrified utes, the Pickman is a different approach to this segment. Well, with a price tag of less than $6,000, this cute little pickup might be something you’d want to add to your garage.

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