"Dirtiest Tesla Model X" Looks Brand New Again After Deep Cleaning

Detailing and restoration video reveals the enormous amount of work that went into cleaning this filthy Tesla Model X.

Watching videos of very dirty cars being cleaned is a weirdly satisfying experience, at least as far as this editor is concerned.

How can it not be when the end result looks like the working of a miracle? That’s exactly the case with the “dirtiest Tesla Model X ever,” a car that looked like it had never been cleaned, period.

Not only that, its previous owners seemed to have a knack for littering, bringing the poor EV into a sorry state. When the car reached the detailing and restoration specialists over at Stauffer Garage, the unbelievable amount of clutter and grime seemed to be an integral part of its seats and floors.

It certainly looked like the people using it went out of their way to turn it into a dumpster. There was sticky stuff pretty much everywhere, gum and candy glued to the seats, food and chocolate on the floor,  slime, and God knows what other disgusting things.

Had a rookie turned up to work that day at the detailing shop, they probably would have called it quits right away. Fortunately, these guys are pros and take a methodical approach to their activity. They broke up the enormous amount of work in several steps, starting with the floors, the seats and carpets, the door panels, and the rest of the cabin.

There was so much cleaning to do that the video is more than 31 minutes long even though it’s made up entirely of fast-motion footage.

Anyway, the detailing work on this Model X goes to show that its interior is pretty resistant to damage. After all the cleaning was done, the electric crossover’s cabin seemed to be in tip-top shape.

The video is also interesting for those interested in this line of work because it explains every step of the detailing and restoration process and mentions all the tools that were used.

Source:Stauffer Garage via Teslarati

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