Check Out This Tesla Model X Towing A Teardrop Camper

It seems EVs and camping go together like peas and carrots.

Is a small and aerodynamic teardrop camper the perfect complement to the Tesla Model X? This guy just picked one up for a great price, and he’s very excited to share it with us.

It seems electric vehicles and camping belong together, and that may prove even more true in the future, as more companies make EV-friendly campers. However, as you know, cars lose lots of range and efficiency while towing, and this is especially true of today’s electric cars.

Our friends over at All Electric Family have made many videos showing the range of their Model X while towing a relatively large camper. They’ve also shown that a more aerodynamic Airstream model may be the way to go for their family. However, they used to tow a massive travel trailer with a gas-powered pickup truck, and that’s not really an option with their Model X, unless it’s a shorter trip and they’re not too worried about range.

SmurfinWRX decided to go with a “tiny” camper of sorts, which won’t be the best option for large families, but it may be the answer for EV owners hoping to hit the trails, not lose a ton of range, and have something practical for camping.

While the teardrop camper in the video isn’t specifically designed for the Model X, it may as well be. It’s small, it’s light, it seems pretty aerodynamic, and it just happens to be white, the same color as this particular Model X. Even its cute shape sort of matches the round and sleek Tesla electric crossover.

Check out the video to learn more about this teardrop camper. Then, let us know if you have any insight for EV owners who want to tow a trailer or camper.

Source:SmurfinWRX (YouTube)

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