California Clean Fuel Reward Lists 2021 Tesla Model 3 With 82 kWh Battery

Is it confirmation about battery capacity of the refreshed Model 3 or just their guess?

The website of the California Clean Fuel Reward, the newly established $1,500 incentive, that has a list of eligible plug-in models, now include also a 2021 Tesla Model 3 with a 82 kWh battery (side by side with a 75 kWh version).

It’s another sign that Tesla has increased capacity of the new, blacked-out Model 3, through use of the higher energy density cell, about which we heard in November.

Since Tesla does not specify battery capacity on its website, we are not sure whether California Clean Fuel Reward knows something more, or is just using the unofficial numbers, like everybody else.

The 82 kWh is supposed to be the capacity of the Long Range versions. We guess that the Standard Range Plus also will live to get the upgrade.

Hopefully sooner rather than later someone will have an opportunity to test and measure Tesla’s new battery pack capacity to dispel doubts.

Sources:California Clean Fuel Reward,Drive Tesla Canadavia Teslarati

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