AutoTrader Creates Biggest Tesla Drag Race Ever: Who's The Winner?

The Tesla Model 3 has two chances against the company’s top dogs.

Checking the technical specs of cars may be enough to know they would do in a drag race. But where is the fun? This is probably what the guys from the AutoTrader UK YouTube channel thought when they decided to do the biggest Tesla drag race we have ever heard about. They managed to put a Model S P100D, a Model X 100D, and a Model 3 against each other.

Considering Tesla does not have a press fleet, that alone is quite an accomplishment. The best news is that we did not have a single drag race. AutoTrader UK put the Model 3 both in Standard Range and Performance guises to compete.

Predictably, the Tesla Model S P100D was “the daddy” in both these races. There is just too much power there for the other models to even dare come close to it. What will we have when the Model S Plaid is finally put for sale? At this point, we would be more than happy to know how fast it can lap Nürburgring Nordschleife to know how fast it can lap Nürburgring Nordschleife officially.

The Model X 100D gets the second place only in the first drag race. After all, it has more traction, more weight, and bigger batteries to put it ahead of the meek but competent Model 3 Standard Range. Things change when the Model 3 Performance hits the asphalt.

For a lot less than the Model S P100D costs, it ends in second, but not that far behind. In other words, anyone looking for ludicrous acceleration levels could perfectly save some bucks by buying the Model 3 instead of the Model S. They would still have a lot of fun, as this recent video from the Redskull YouTube channel showed.

The Model S makes more sense for people that need a bigger car. If engineering logic could be applied to it, it would be a more reliable car than the Model 3 is, due to being in production for more time. According to Consumer Reports, that is not the case, as you have already read here at InsideEVs.

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