Are Tesla Model 3 Paint Jobs Really Problematic?

A specialist in paint protection says it was just a hiccup

One of the most frequent complaints that emerged against the Tesla Model 3 was related to the quality of its paint job. Some units presented orange peel, dust nibs and other quality problems that made early owners disappointed.

However, it is apparently a thing of the past, according to Tiaan Krige, owner of  AP3 Paint Protection Services and a specialist in paint protection. His company has wrapped the cars of Kim, from the Like Tesla YouTube Channel. She interviewed him about wrapping and paint quality.

In the interview, Krige claims the paint problems were most likely just a production hiccup. Having experience in wrapping expensive cars, he says he has seen the same paint problems presented by some Model 3 units on McLaren cars.

“We see a ton of Model 3s. The paint’s fantastic on 90% of the cars… There’s been a clear, linear progression in the quality of the paint,” said Krige, who has also worked for a McLaren dealer. And remembered that, in 2014, problems started to show on the company’s cars due to a peak of production.

Check the video and tell us: do you believe the paint quality on Tesla vehicles is improving? Were the problems some people had just temporary or blow out of proportion? With the constant perfecting philosophy Tesla adopts, we sure hope so.

Source: Like Tesla via Teslarati

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