2020 Consumer Electronics Show: What To Expect

The 2020 CES is set to begin in a few days from now and it is one of the biggest gatherings of makers of consumer technology. For over 50 years, the Consumers Electronics Show has served as a platform to showcase innovation, new products much more. Apart from consumer technology companies, automotive manufacturers flock to CES as well in order to showcase their new technologies, future vision, concept cars and much more! We list out some manufacturers and what their plans are for 2020 CES.

Hyundai Motor Company

(Hyundai will showcase its personal air vehicle and purpose built vehicle at CES 2020)

Hyundai Motor will be a participant at the 2020 CES and keeping up with current trends, it will showcase its future vision for mobility and cities of the future. The company will unveil its first ever personal air vehicle (PAV) concept. It is basically a small flying car which can fit in a single person and can fly him for his or her daily commute or other runabouts within the city. The idea is to reduce commuting time and ease the traffic situation. We see many people who are driving cars while going to work and they are the only people inside. This greatly increases traffic in major cities and having a personal air vehicle could reduce congestion significantly.

The other concept that Hyundai will showcase at CES 2020 is the purpose built vehicle or PBV. It is a highly customisable concept with autonomous driving features. Hyundai says that these two custom transport models could be located at transport hubs, which will serve as a landing zone for the PAVs and drop-off zone for the PBVs, throughout the length and breadth of cities. The hubs themselves could become community spaces and activities.

Honda Future Mobility Tech

(Honda will have a bunch of exhibits at CES 2020)

Japanese Auto giant, Honda, will also have a number of exhibits at the 2020 Consumers Electronics Show. Honda’s concepts and displays will revolve around connected, autonomous, shared and electric (CASE) technologies. The first display will be the Future Honda Mobility VR experience. People at CES can use the V2X technology to experience urban mobility in a future world which enables him/her to take a ride in an urban, shared mobility pod or even experience a ride in a personal vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) vehicle as well. The other big exhibit will be the Augmented Driving Concept which is basically a technology which allows future vehicles to seamlessly transition from autonomous driving to semi-autonomous driving where the passenger can take over and let go of the driving bit seamlessly. This is achieved through the help of sensors and of course, new technology.

The other exhibit from Honda at CES will be the electric smart mobility or ESMO concept, which is a personal mobility concept. There will be an energy management technology on display as well along with ‘Smartphone as Brain’ concept, which was developed in collaboration with ‘Drivemode’. The Smartphone as Brain concept basically uses Bluetooth to connect a rider’s smartphone with his/her two-wheeler and the phone itself can be controlled with switches on the motorcycles. We have seen a glimpse of this with Ducati and Triumph bikes where we see Ducati multimedia system employing similar tech while select Triumph bikes have switchgear which can be used to control GoPro action cameras.

BMW i3 Urban Suite

(BMW’s biggest exhibit at CES 2020 will be the i3 Urban Suite)

BMW will be showcasing the i3 urban suite at CES this year. The i3 has been the mainstay of BMW’s electric car portfolio for 7 years and now, BMW will present the i3 but with a completely transformed interior on the lines of boutique hotel. The idea is to offer a unique mobility experience which is completely tailored to meet the needs of the passenger. And ensconce him or her in luxury.

The idea was to create a living space with feel-good factor with relaxing, enjoying in-car entertainment or focussing on work in a laid-back setting. BMW did this by including, among other things, a large, comfortable seat with footrest, a screen that flips down from the headliner and a personal sound zone. BMW in fact, got a fleet of i3 Urban Suite cars from Munich to Las Vegas and are offering rides to people of Las Vegas as well. All one has to do is use an app and call for an urban suite i3.

Toyota Mobility Ecosystem Strategy

(Toyota will be present at 2020 CES as well)

Toyota too will be present at 2020 CES showcasing its new mobility ecosystem strategy. Visitors attending the booth will experience a visual depiction of Toyota’s ecosystem plans along with mobility products including, e-Palette, micro-Palette, LQ and walking area battery electric vehicles or BEVs. Toyota’s pavilion at CES will have two innovation areas for Toyota AI Ventures and Toyota IP Solutions as well.

Segway Apex Electric Sportbike

(The Segway Apex will have top-speed of over 200 kmph)

American manufacturer of two-wheeled personal transporters, Segway, owned by Chinese firm Ninebot, is getting ready to unveil an electric sportbike at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) next month in Las Vegas. The Apex electric sportbike certainly makes a statement that Segway-Ninebot may be evolving from its bread and butter mobility vehicles to the mainstream electric motorcycle segment now. The images reveal an almost production-ready model of the Apex electric sportbike, but the company has not chosen to reveal and specifications – either performance or range figures.All that is revealed now is that Segway is choosing to call it a “super scooter” with some figures at least, of a top speed claim of 125 mph (over 200 kmph) and 0 to 100 kmph in under 3 seconds, making the Apex the fastest product developed by Segway-Ninebot ever.

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