The \u201855 Fairlane Town Sedan or Custom Ranch Wagon? Why Not Both?

American car sales were booming as never before in 1955, and that meant a vast torrent of new Fords and Chevrolets flowing into dealerships around the country that year: close to 1.5 million Fords, more than 1.5 million Chevrolets. Yes, just a year after food rationing ended in the UK, 300,000 American families owned two or more Fords… and this full-page magazine advertisement was an effort to increase the number of those multi-Ford households.

Ford had a modern new overhead-valve V8 engine instead of the late Henry’s old-timey flathead, so that advanced new small-block Chevrolet V8 had some real competition (Chrysler’s Hemi V8 was limited to higher-end machinery in 1955). The combination of two-door Custom Ranch Wagon and Fairlane Town Sedan, both in two-tone paint, seemed sensible enough.

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