The 1980 AMCs Have a Mighty Warranty

In the era just before all those Renault-provided francs and engineering talent flooded into Kenosha and produced such Euro-Wisconsonian machinery as the Alliance, Encore, Premier, and Medallion, American Motors made a serious push to get American car buyers into the Eagle, Concord, and Spirit. One way AMC competed against the Detroit Big Three was to out-warranty the competition, and that’s the boast of this 1980 magazine ad.

Not only did buyers of any new ’80 AMC car (besides the Gremlin, then in its final US-market model year) get a full 12-month warranty on everything from brake linings to light bulbs, they also got a loaner car in case of overnight repairs and up to $150 in reimbursement for food and lodging costs caused by a broken AMC (that’s about $525 today, and we’re sure there was plenty of fine print involved). That was pretty good by the standards of an era in which most cars died long before they reached 100,000 miles.

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