2004: Mercury Monterey Minivan is as futuristic as the Motorola V70 phone

Mercury sales weren’t looking so strong by the early 2000s, but the debut of the Ford Freestar (an evolution of the successful Windstar minivan) for the 2004 model year presented the opportunity for Mercury to sell a luxed-up version that took the historic Monterey name. Here’s a slickly produced video for Lincoln-Mercury dealership employees, touting the satin-finished trim, unique cladding, six-disk CD changer and resemblance to the then-cutting-edge design of the Motorola V70 cellphone and Apple Powerbook Titanium G4 computer. Buyers avoided the 2004-2007 Monterey in droves, choosing the Mercury Mariner SUV if they chose any Mercury, but this advertisement remains as an interesting cultural snapshot.

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