1979: Honda Civic depreciates slowly, looks like the 1973 Civic

Way more fun to drive than a ’79 Corolla, way more reliable than a ’79 Rabbit. But what about the ’79 Fiat Strada?

Way back in 1964, the Doyle Dane Bernbach advertising agency pitched the Volkswagen Beetle as a smart buy due to its excellent resale value, citing the fact that the Beetle’s appearance had stayed the same for so many years that older ones didn’t look dated. Fast-forward 15 years, and Honda USA made the same argument for the 1979 Civic in today’s Classic Ad, which looked much the same as the 1973 Civic and packed a bunch of leading-edge technology. The first-generation Civics really were great cars for their era, though left unmentioned in this advertisement is the fact that 1980 would be the first model year for the second-generation Civic— also a great car but with a different appearance.

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