Racing Wives Brings Reality TV To The World Of Motorsport

And you thought there was drama in racing.

If you think racing is dramatic, then get a load of CMT’s upcoming show Racing Wives. Seemingly combining the successful The Real Housewives formula with NASCAR, Racing Wives follows the lives of Samantha and Ashley Busch, Whitney Ward Dillon, and Amber Balcean. 

As their last names imply, Samantha and Ashley are the significant others of brothers and racing drivers Kyle and Kurt Busch, while Whitney Ward Dillon is married to racer Austin Dillon. Amber Balcean is the odd woman out, as she’s not a wife but a driver herself. The Canadian racer, who’s driven in the likes of the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East, is looking to find her footing as a driver for the Kyle Busch Motorsports team. What better way to do so than befriending the team’s namesake’s wife and sister-in-law?

Also in on the Racing Wives action is Whitney Ward Dillon’s friend Mariel Lane, who apparently has no connection to racing besides being a friend and former cheerleading colleague to Dillon. At least Lane is married, which means she has the “wives” part of the Racing Wives equation covered.

The series kicks off tonight at 10 pm EST. Like Billy Madison’s speech on the Industrial Revolution’s impact on literature, Racing Wives will surely be both entertaining and “one of the most insanely idiotic things” we’ll ever watch. We only hope CMT doubles down on the excitement by offering a guest spot on the show to Kurt Busch’s friend, and The Howard Stern Show staff member, Ronnie “the limo driver” Mund.

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