Epic Fast And Furious Car Collection Hides In A Rural Canadian Field

And more replicas are on the way.

Folks, there are fans and then there are superfans. Say hello to Jorge, who lives in Edmonton and has a cool shop in an undisclosed location somewhere in the vast northern Canadian prairie lands of Alberta. The location is secret because it contains an assortment of exciting cars, not the least of which being Toyota Supras, Nissan Skylines, and a classic Dodge Charger. Count them all up and you’ll have 24 total.

They aren’t just random cars, however. Each is a replica of something featured in the Fast and Furious movie franchise. Yes, Jorge is definitely a superfan of the Fast saga and his collection of replica movie cars could be the largest such collection in private hands. According to the video above from Roads Untraveled, he didn’t intend to build a crazy collection. Rather, his story is pretty much like anyone suffering from a car addiction. Once he starting buying cars and turning them into replicas, forever was he doomed to tumble down the automotive rabbit hole.

Fortunately, his hobby has the support of his wife and family. He also apparently knows a thing or two about buying and selling cars, as at least some of his financial backing for the collection comes from importing JDM vehicles to North America and reselling them for a profit. The video mentions 10 Supra flips he’s done in five years, and with the value of A80s skyrocketing in that time, there’s certainly room to make some serious coin.

He’s also spent some serious coin for this collection. There’s no mention of how much is invested here, and some of the cars like Jesse’s Jetta from the original film or Roman’s Eclipse from part two can be found dirt cheap. But a fleet of R33 and R34 Skylines aren’t cheap, never mind the Supras, the Porsche 911, or the black Charger. And we don’t even see the entire collection – Suki’s pink Honda S2000 from the second film is currently being built, and a black Buick Grand National paying homage to Fast Four is in the shop. When all is said and done, Jorge hopes to have upwards of 35 cars all total.

As it stands, his Fast collection spans the entire saga. There’s even a new orange Toyota Supra from the delayed Fast Nine movie slated to hit theaters next year. With two more films still planned for the franchise, stopping at 35 may not be possible.


Roads Untraveled via YouTube

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