Documentary About Fate Of GM Workers In Ohio Airs Tonight

As part of the renowned weekly documentary series, America ReFramed.

Since 2012, America ReFramed has broadcasted over a hundred documentaries from independent filmmakers, which tackle topics related to immigration, healthcare, workplace, and politics. These documentaries are riddled with personal stories that led to the transformation of American culture.

Tonight, Bring it Home joins the list at 8:00 EM Eastern. The latest from America ReFramed focuses on the fate of GM workers at the now-defunct Lordstown assembly plant in Lordstown, Ohio. Of note, Chevrolet produced the last example of the Cruze at this plant in March 2019, which marked the end of the line for the factory, affecting local employment and livelihood. 

Gallery: ‘Bring it Home’ Stills

Bring it Home is directed by Carl Kriss. It’s a feature-length documentary that examines the journeys of five families affected by the plant closure, which was a vital source of employment in the community. The closure brought these former workers at a conundrum – should they request for an out-of-state transfer to another GM factory or should they remain and hope that the closure was temporary.

The documentary focuses on the stories of each family after the closure, deciding on their own career trajectories with those of spouses, the needs of children and aging parents, the necessity of health insurance, balancing budgets, and more.

Currently, Lordstown Motors operates at the assembly plant producing Endurance electric pickup trucks. GM has invested $75 million in the company to obtain a seat at the company’s board of directors.

America ReFramed’s Bring it Home is airing tonight on WORLD Channel and on at 8:00 PM Eastern. The episodes can also be seen on Link TV (DirecTV 375 and Dish Network 9410) the Friday following their WORLD Channel premieres. The series also streams on the American Documentary, Inc. site,,,, and on the PBS app. 


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