What is Nissan’s e-4ORCE?

The tech helping to increase comfort and control for the next generation of electric cars

First time EV drivers are frequently amazed at the level of performance achieved by electric drivetrains. The instant torque from a Nissan ARIYA’s motors, for instance, delivers the kind of acceleration more akin to a Nissan sports car than a family vehicle.

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While this level of acceleration can be helpful when pulling away, Nissan believes that it needs to be balanced with enhanced control, helping drivers to feel more comfortable behind the wheel regardless of their skill level. Nissan’s solution is e-4ORCE, an all-wheel control technology that distributes instant torque to all four wheels, but manages power output and braking performance to deliver a smoother and more stable ride, helping to reduce stress and increase driver comfort.

The benefits of e-4ORCE

The all-electric e-4ORCE system combines Nissan’s expertise in all-wheel drive – gained from developing the Nissan GT-R’s ATTESSA E-TS torque split system and the Nissan Patrol’s intelligent 4×4 system – with more than a decade of success in the EV market.

Taking a step beyond Nissan’s previous single electric motor systems, e-4ORCE is built around dual electric motors that drive the front and rear wheels. This technology delivers not only a smoother, instant acceleration, but a high level of responsiveness and control. This is especially apparent in unexpected situations when the driver needs to react more quickly – perhaps to an obstacle in the road – responding with smoothness and efficiency that helps the driver to feel in control at all times.

e-4ORCE control technology maintains precise control over both the dual motors and each individual wheel brake, constantly modulating them to enhance the handling of the vehicle. With balanced chassis control, line tracing and steering precision, e-4ORCE helps to maintain predictable behaviour, even during those more sudden manoeuvres. The system distributes the torque evenly between the front and rear wheels in normal driving conditions, but can send up to 100 per cent to either end, as well as balancing between each wheel. The result is increased grip and performance, across different road conditions. Through a combination of regenerative and hydraulic braking independently optimised for each of the four wheels, deceleration and turning performance are both improved.

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One of the key goals during the development of e-4ORCE was to ensure a smoother ride for all occupants. By managing the power delivery and braking to each wheel, e-4ORCE can coordinate the forces working on the vehicle to help reduce pitch and dive. This reduces cabin motion caused by stop-start driving in traffic that could lead to motion sickness, and the discomfort that would ordinarily come with driving over rough terrain.

The refined control offered by e-4ORCE extends to a broad range of driving conditions. The ultra-high-precision motor and brake control means that even on slippery surfaces like snow and ice, the vehicle is still able to faithfully trace the driver’s intended line, working in the background without disrupting their driving.

Smoothing the transition to electric

There are many benefits offered by an electric vehicle – particularly when it comes to the new technologies they bring to drivers. Nissan’s e-4ORCE is one such example of a cutting-edge system you’ll find in an EV. It carefully helps to control braking and power on all four of the wheels, meaning drivers can enjoy the electric experience while feeling that they are safely in control of the car.

And e-4ORCE goes beyond helping to boost control of the electric powertrain to help address issues that affect driving in any sort of vehicle. By compensating for loss of control on slippery surfaces and other perilous terrain, e-4ORCE can help drivers of any level of experience to feel more in control behind the wheel. Couple this with the smoother ride it delivers in all conditions, and the result helps to reduce stress and increase comfort for all of the vehicles’ occupants.

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