We’ll Know Lucid's User Experience On May 26: What’s The Mystery?

The company teases “intuitive interactions at every turn.”

We’re still waiting for Lucid to say when it will be satisfied in achieving automotive perfection. That’s the requirement for it to start its sales, for all the company has said so far. While we wait, the company is releasing drops of information about other things. The latest we heard from it was about the Lucid User Experience. The company said we should wait yet again: until May 26.

In a tweet, Lucid said it will offer “intuitive interactions at every turn – from the Glass Cockpit to the Pilot Panel to the Lucid app.” You can check the full message embedded below:

Although the name seems to be pretty clear about what it intends to communicate, the elements that Lucid quotes are very diverse to fit in the unique “user experience” definition. As the company puts it, our hunch is that it has tried to achieve a uniform user experience with all of them. And that unique experience would be one with “intuitive interactions.”

We also lack the precise definition of each of these elements. The Glass Cockpit suggests something related to the digital instrument panel, but it could include the central infotainment screen. Pilot Panel could be anything, including a driver assistant aid. The Lucid app is the only thing we are sure about. Yet, we are curious to see what it can offer.

Lucid may decide to give it the same functions the Tesla app has, from buying services and cars to contacting the service centers. It may also offer things the Tesla app never has, which makes us wonder about what we would love to see in an app apart from lightning response to commands.

We have 19 days of wait until we find out what Lucid wants to present. As interesting as it may be, we still want the delivery dates for the Air, even if they are only scheduled for the end of the year.

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