‘We pay enough on petrol’: Drivers slam pay-per-mile car tax model

Martin Lewis gives money-saving advice on VED car tax

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It is rumoured the scheme could be introduced to help plug a gap that will have been left behind from the mass adoption of electric vehicles. Previously, the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change reported that a new car tax system would be needed to keep car tax, but also does not slow the pace of uptake of zero-emission cars.

It said: “The challenge is clear: we must use the burning platform created by the transition to BEVs to better internalise the social costs of motoring, but do so in a way that is fair (and perceived to be fair) and which does not slow the pace of uptake of zero-emission cars.

“There are a variety of ways that road pricing can work, which fall into four broad categories.

“Flat rate per mile. Road users are charged for each mile they drive.

“Geographic or toll-based charging. Costs vary depending on geographic area or specific roads, with cost being focused on areas with higher congestion levels (as in the case of the London Congestion Charge).

“Time-based rate. Road users are charged for each minute they spend driving.

“Dynamic rate. An ‘uberised’ model, where charges vary dynamically based on the road being used and time of travel.”

Edmund King, President of the AA, previously suggested a new road pricing system could be used in the future.

This could allow drivers to have 3,000 free miles, with an extra 1,000 miles for those living in rural areas, before paying per journey, according to the Manchester Evening News.

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Some drivers have condemned the reported proposals over price fears.

Twitter user Archie, claimed: “Government are going to ‘allow’ us 3,000 free miles per year as a bribe to allow this through.

“This plan’s a result of falling tax revenue due to electric cars & the greens carbon neutral commitment.” (sic)

Another commenter, using the handle flojack300, questioned: “More taxes mooted for drivers – road tax, fuel tax (don’t pretend falling petrol revenue – they’ll tax electric more too) and now per mile tax.

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