Watch Rivian R1S Amazing Steep Climb In Moab

It appears to be capable of serious off-roading.

Rivian’s founder and CEO RJ Scaringe just teased another video of an amazingly steep climb of the Rivian R1S somewhere in Moab.

This all-electric, 7-seat model is capable of handling off-roading thanks to a very sophisticated quad-motor all-wheel-drive system and of course proper clearance.

It looks like it wasn’t even difficult and the best thing is that the climb was conducted smoothly, without engine noise, and just a bit of tire spin to grab traction.

The R1S is expected to offer 300+ miles (483+ km) of range. There will be also a more affordable 250+ mile (402+ km) version.

Unfortunately, just like in the case of Rivian R1T, the R1S is delayed. The R1T will enter the market in September, while the R1S to follow shortly thereafter.

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