Watch Lordstown Endurance 4-Wheel Drive Electric Pickup Plow Forward

The Lordstown Endurance prototype does not waste any time, it’s plowing, jumping and off-roading.

Lordstown Motors does not stop testing its electric “skateboard” during the winter and here is something appropriate for the weather – an all-electric plow.

With four in-wheel hub motors for all-wheel drive, the Lordstown Endurance should be a pretty great vehicle for towing and plowing.

“True 4-wheel drive through any terrain. We’re plowing forward toward the world’s first EV pickup.”

Plowing is not the only test (fun?) scheduled for February, as the following video shows a variety of driving tests in the snow, including jumping and off-roading.

“Snow days are the best days to break out the skateboard in #VoltageValley​. Our all-electric chassis provides world class handling in the toughest environments.”

Hopefully, the Endurance chassis and motors will survive all this in good shape or at least provide decent feedback so the production version of the pickup will endure enough to deserve its name.

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