Volvo unveils BZL chassis for electric buses – 200 kW or 400 kW driveline, single or double-decker options –

Volvo Buses has introduced a new electric bus platform, which it says will make its public transport offerings more sustainable and environmentally-friendly. The company’s new global solution for electromobility is called the BZL Electric.

Offering the promise of clean, silent and energy efficient transportation, the BZL Electric chassis has been designed for both single- and double-decker applications, with multiple options available for coach builders.

Developed entirely by Volvo, the electric driveline for the BZL features a 200 kW (or 268 hp) electric motor coupled to a two-stage automated manual transmission. For single-decker applications, the powertrain can be configured as a single or dual-motor unit, where it then offers 400 kW (536 hp). Double-decker setups only get the single-motor option.

A 470 kWh lithium-ion battery provides suitable operating range, and the BZL Electric has been designed to offer charging flexibility – hardware interfaces are available for OppCharge, which allows 300 kW charging to be made via the roof while on route through an overhead pantograph, as well as Combo 2 CCS charging in the depot, at a rate of 150 kW.

The platform can be specified with steel or aluminum wheels, electrically-driven hydraulic steering and disc brakes. Safety equipment available for the BZL include ABS, ESC, hill-start assist, acceleration slip regulator and brake blending.

In keeping things green, the automaker says the BZL Electric is environmentally-friendly right up to its end-of-life cycle, having been developed to be over 90% recyclable.

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