Volkswagen Reportedly Considering Hot ID.3 GTX Electric Hot Hatch

The veil was recently lifted off the ID.4 GTX, but Volkswagen may expand the GTX performance brand to other ID models.

Rumors that Volkswagen was cooking up a hot version of the ID.3 are nothing new. In fact, they’ve been around for years, first appearing even before the vehicle itself actually debuted. The rumors were debated for a while, but then they died down after Volkswagen never actually showed any intention to build the hot ID.3, which at the time was believed would carry an R badge; now it’s more likely to be called GTX (if it ever happens).

Volkswagen just debuted the GTX electric performance badge on its ID.4 electric crossover, which packs a two-motor setup with almost 300 horsepower, all-wheel drive, and can sprint to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 6.2 seconds. And there will surely be a GTX version of the ID.5 (the coupe-like version of the ID.4), but so far no mention has been made of an ID.3 GTX.

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Klaus Zellmer, the marketing boss at VW, was recently quoted as saying (in regard to the ID.4 GTX) that

The letters GT have long stood for driving pleasure. Now the X is building the bridge to the mobility of the future. Sustainability and sportiness are not mutually exclusive but complement each other intelligently.

Zellmer went on to say that

We want to cover 70 per cent of our new-car sales in Europe with EVs by 2030, so we need to start building not only electric vehicles but also the brand for EVs. The most aspirational derivative in the line-up, I think, will be the GTX.

And added

We want to offer choice, and offer choice that combines more aspirational driving possibilities – a little more powerful, dual motors which means four-wheel drive, a slightly higher top speed. It’s for the people out there who are in the market for more, the ID.4 and in future ID.5 GTX is hopefully a good choice.

He was also reportedly directly asked about an ID.3 GTX, and he gave an encouraging (albeit not definitive) reply, saying that

We’re constantly looking at possibilities to be consistent with everything we’ve done in the past. Rest assured, we’re looking into it. But there hasn’t been a decision made so far.

Now if VW does give the ID.3 GTX the green light for production, we expect it will borrow the larger ID.4 GTX’s 295 horsepower dual-motor powertrain, as well as some of its sportier design cues. Furthermore, since the ID.3 is quite a bit lighter than the ID.4 (1,859 kg vs 2,049 kg / 4,098 pounds vs 4,517 pounds) and its center of gravity is lower, it would be quicker, handle better and stop better too. It would also drop below the six-second mark to 100 km/h (62 mph) – the ID.4 GTX is quoted as being able to do the sprint in 6.2 seconds.


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