Volkswagen ID.3 Electric Car Production Resumes: Slow Rate, New Safety Measures

Production of the Volkswagen e-Golf in Dresden will resume on April 27.

As announced, today Volkswagen restarted production of the ID.3 in Zwickau, following the stoppage that began in mid-March. It’s the first plant in Germany to be back online.

The company has decided to cautiously resume the assembly – “slowly and gradually”, starting from 50 ID.3 per day or a third of what it was in early March.

To keep the process safe, a comprehensive package of measures was implemented to prevent coronavirus spread. The “reduced capacity and significantly slower cycle times” also should help employees to do the job without compromising safety.

“Numerous additional measures to protect the health of the workforce are being implemented, and the restart is also oriented to the gradual stabilization of international supply chains.”

“In addition, numerous production processes are being optimized, and consistent minimum distances and increased hygiene standards apply in all areas. A works agreement on the action required for the resumption of production detailing the individual measures has been agreed. All the rules also apply to employees of external partners and service providers on the factory premises.”

Volkswagen ID.3 Production

On April 27, Volkswagen will resume production of Volkswagen e-Golf at the Gläserne Manufaktur Dresden facility (the main manufacturing site for e-Golf is Wolfsburg though).

A few other manufacturing sites (and models) in Germany are also in a process of resuming production.

The Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, U.S. is scheduled to resume production on May 3 with:

  • More than 90 new health and safety measures in place
  • Multi-phase ramp-up begins with staggered shifts, lower volume

Volkswagen ID.3 Production

Thomas Ulbrich, Volkswagen Brand Board Member for E-Mobility and Speaker of the Management Board of Volkswagen Sachsen said:

“We all have a historic task to accomplish. That task is to protect the health of our employees – and at the same time get business back on track responsibly”.

According to Ulbrich, the present challenging situation calls for new priorities: “At Volkswagen, health takes precedence over speed. That is why the primary concern at the moment is not how many cars can be built per day. What is more important is that the e-mobility transformation process already underway begins gathering pace again today. The ID.3 is one of the key vehicle projects for Volkswagen.”

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