Volkswagen Group Sold More Than 140,000 Plug-In Cars In 2019

Volkswagen Group quickly improves its plug-in car sales as more brands and models join the electrification.

Volkswagen Group significantly expanded its plug-in electric car sales in 2019, exceeding the level of 140,000 vehicles. That’s an 80% improvement compared to 2018 (below 80,000, we guess).

As the group’s total result globally was 10,974,600 vehicles (up 1.3%), the plug-in share is around 1.3%.

For comparison, Volkswagen brand noted over 80,000 sales (up 60%) and most of those were all-electric cars.

The remaining 60,000 must be Audi and Porsche, as the other brands are just starting electrification projects.

In 2020, Volkswagen Group should exceed 200,000 as besides the Volkswagen ID.3, there will be more Audi plugs-in, the Porsche Taycan, as well as support from SEAT and Škoda.

The size of the group and investments in the MEB platform is expected to make VW one of the biggest electric car manufacturers globally within just a few years. The question is whether the group will be able to catch Tesla?

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