VanLab Helps You Build Your Own Camper Van With Pre-Made Components

Various configurations are available to accommodate different layouts for stoves, sinks, refrigerators, or you can nix all of that for more counter space. Integrated wiring looms with switches, fuses, and other electrical components are also offered.

Of course, being pre-cut means VanLab supplies multiple kits tailor-made for specific vans. Right now you can get kits for the Nissan NV200 and Chevy City Express small vans, as well as the full-size Ford Transit long-wheelbase version. The company is currently working on a kit for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter short-wheelbase van, and medium-sized van kits are also in development. Components for smaller vans can convert to accommodate a single bed, while the Transit kit has space for a queen-size bed. All kits have provisions for water storage.

As for price, it obviously varies depending on the kit and the features you want. Small-van kits start at $3,999, while the Transit kit starts at $7,995. All kits are available now for order through VanLab’s website and they ship within a week of payment.



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