US: Median EPA Range Of 2022 BEVs Amounted To 257 Miles

The driving range of all-electric cars is increasing, although not every year. Today, we will take a look at the progress from 2021 to 2022 model year cars in the United States.

The Department of Energy (DOE)’s Vehicle Technologies Office reports that the highest EPA Combined range in an electric car from the 2022 model year is 520 miles (837 km) and we know that it’s the Lucid Air Dream Edition (Range version). This is an all-time record and the first 5xx result ever.

Meanwhile, the median (the middle value across the market) in the 2022 model year amounted to 257 miles (414 km), which is 24 miles or 10 percent more than in 2021MY (234 miles). However, in the 2020 model year, it was 259 miles, so this is not a record.

By the way, the median range of gasoline cars in the 2021 model year was 403 miles (648 km).

As we can see below, the market is evolving towards higher range values and there is already huge progress over the past 10-15 years.

Median and Maximum Range of EVs Offered for Sales in the US, 2021-2022 model years

“Note: Range is based on Environmental Protection Agency estimates. Does not include plug-in hybrid vehicles.

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