Upgrading classic cars may be cheaper than paying for petrol within days

E10 biofuel: Department for Transport explains why it’s ‘better'

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Classic cars built before 2002 are likely to be incompatible with new E10 fuel when it launches next week. Owners of historic vehicles are instead urged to use current E5 fuel which will move to the protection Super Unleaded grade.

However, experts at the AA have recently warned this could send costs soaring.

Super Unleaded fuel can cost up to 20p per litre more in some cases and can set drivers back up to 145p per litre in some parts of the country.

The AA has warned drivers could end up costing £15 extra to top-up a 55-litre fuel tank.

Classic car owners can use E10 fuel as long as they have had sensitive parts such as the vehicle’s fuel lines removed and updated.

Analysis of the extra costs from Go Compare suggests classic car owners may spend as much on fuel as they could on these car upgrades in just six years.

However, they warn owners who make small “necessary adjustments” to their vehicles could reach this target in just one year.

They said: “Our research shows that it would initially cost drivers more to upgrade their classic car than it would to continue using E5 fuel.

“However, there are a few variables to think about before making your final decision.

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“If you choose to spend a little more on petrol, it would likely take six years before this extra cost would exceed the price of upgrading your car.

“Although, that is only if you take your car to a specialist mechanic to make it compatible with E10.

“For any owners who could make the necessary adjustments to their vehicle themselves, upgrading would cost roughly the same as the extra amount you would spend on E5 fuel for one year.”

Analysis from Go COmasore shows more modern classics are easier and cheaper to upgrade than older models.

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