Upcoming SEAT Electric Mini-SUV Believably Rendered Based On Teaser

This is exactly the kind of vehicle European car buyers are looking for right now.

Electric cars are slowly gaining popularity in Europe, as they are all over the world, but SUVs of all sizes are a way hotter ticket right now. Automakers have caught on that making their electric cars high-riding SUVs or crossovers gives them a better chance of standing out amongst their rivals and gaining buyers, which is what SEAT intends to do with a model it recently teased.

The still unnamed BEV mini-SUV will slot below the Born in the VW-owned Spanish automaker’s lineup, and based on the recent teaser, it’s going to be quite a boxy, upright looking thing. Said teaser only showed it from the side, but we got a pretty good idea of the style of vehicle the manufacturer is going for.

It was such a good look, in fact, that TopElectricSUV decided to make a rendering based solely on the teaser. It showed most of the vehicle’s key lines, as well as its size, proportions and some details. The resulting rendering will we’re sure will prove quite accurate even when the vehicle actually debuts, except for the headlights and possibly the door handles – to us this just looks like the kind of vehicle that would have hidden rear door handles, doesn’t it?

This cute little electron-sipping SUV could become a huge hit in Europe, as it is expected to undercut other high-riding BEV rivals, such as the Peugeot e-2008 by quite a margin. We don’t know exactly how cheap it will be and we still have a few years to wait before we find out, because this model is expected to debut in 2025. The automaker will achieve significant cost savings by underpinning the model with a pared down version of the MEB platform called MEB-Lite.


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