ULEZ car tax: Drivers could face £10,000 a year charges with new tax changes

Sadiq Khan outlines why ULEZ has come into force in London

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From October 25, the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) is expanding in Central London to create a single, larger zone which is set to affect many more motorists. Those who have a higher polluting car will need to pay the ULEZ car tax as well as the Congestion Charge, which currently runs between 7am and 10pm.

Other cities across the UK have begun to consider implementing Clean Air Zones to drive down pollution.

Bath and Birmingham already have them in place, with many more considering their use.

The research, from LeaseCar.uk, found that motorists who would need to pay both the Congestion Charge and the ULEZ fee could see figures reach more than £10,000.

At a daily cost of £12.50, the ULEZ charge is applicable to every day of the year apart from Christmas Day, the same as the Congestion Charge.

If drivers have to pay £15 a day for the Congestion Charge as well, the total comes out at £10,010 for a standard 365-day year, even without driving anywhere.

A spokesperson for LeaseCar.uk commented on how the higher prices will affect drivers in the capital.

They said: “Many people may not realise the ULEZ zone in London is to be expanded in the autumn, or know if their vehicle will be affected. 

“Motorists in the capital whose vehicles qualify to have to pay the ULEZ fee may also have to pay the Congestion Charge as well, depending on where and when they are driving.


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“The costs can really mount up, depending on how many days they need to use their vehicle in these designated areas, so it’s useful to highlight what is happening.”

LeaseCar.uk said that these totals demonstrate the importance of investing in lower polluting vehicles.

Most vehicles, including cars and vans, must meet the ULEZ emissions standards or their drivers face the daily charge to drive within the zone.

Meanwhile, lorries, buses, coaches and other heavier vehicles face a £36,400 bill for a ULEZ fee if using their vehicle every day of the year at £100 a day.

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