UK-wide 20mph speed limit rejected as ‘ridiculous’ – YOU VOTED

Mike Parry fumes over speed limits on GB News

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From September residential roads in Wales will have a default speed limit of 20mph and one politician has claimed the rest of the UK could follow the Welsh Government in a few years. However, a new poll has found over 90 per cent of readers are against reducing the speed limit nationwide.

Wales will become one of the first countries in the world to make 20mph default on all residential roads and built-up areas, on September 17. It is hoped the changes will reduce road accidents and encourage more people to use sustainable modes of transport, and protect vulnerable people.

Green MSP Mark Ruskell has campaigned for lower speed limits in Scotland since 2019, with his proposed bill being voted down by Holyrood. He argues that the nation is at a “tipping point”. A reduced speed limit of 20mph on “appropriate” roads could be introduced in Scotland in 2025.

The MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife told earlier this month that he believed most residential streets would be 20mph in a few years. He explained: “I think we are at a nationwide tipping point, and I think in a few years’ time, the whole UK will inevitably be 20mph as default.”

He continued: “There will be exceptions that will be needed on urban roads that are more arterial in nature, for key bus routes into towns and cities, but 30mph will no longer be the default speed limit where people live, work and play. It has been the default for generations, and now it’s now.”

In a poll that ran from 11:30am on Tuesday, January 10, to 3pm on Thursday, January 19, asked readers: “Should 20mph be the default speed on UK roads?”

Overall, 1,899 people responded, with the overwhelming majority, 91 per cent (1,726 people), answering “no” 20mph should not be the default speed.

Whereas nine per cent (166 people) said “yes” it should, while a further seven people said they did not know either way.

Dozens of comments were left below the accompanying article as readers shared their thoughts on reducing the speed limit.

Most readers were against a national 20mph speed limit on residential roads, with username grumpy old commenting: “Cars are generally not geared or designed to go that slow.”

Another, username lord uhtred, said: “It’s a ridiculous speed to ask motorists to observe and just another money-making venture by local authorities. There is no reasonable need to make 20mph the default limit in built-up areas.”

Username Steve RAT said a reduced speed limit “will make no difference”.

While username Mickleather wrote: “30mph speed limits are ignored by most drivers of reduction to 20mph will be laughed at.”


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Other readers commented that a reduced speed limit would need to be enforced to be of benefit. Username ChewbaccaMinor commented: “Speed limits are only effective if someone polices them!

“My road has had a 20mph limit for two years now -–and almost every driver ignores it!”

Similarly, username Dynamo David said: “I live in a 20mph zone and have seen cars do 50-60mph. Unless it is enforced, they are totally pointless.”

Username EnglandAstern remarked: “We need better enforcement.”

While username Grumpy as well said: “Good idea but the difficulty is enforcing it. We have a 20mph speed limit in our village and if you actually see anybody driving at 20mph other than a resident it’s a miracle.”

However, some readers thought more positively about 20mph speed limits. Username pete21 said: “20mph is the sensible speed for urban roads, there are too many vehicles on every street/road/lane/pavement.”

Many councils across the UK have enforced 20mph speed limits on streets in high-risk areas such s around schools, with some 26 million people in the UK now living within 20mph zones, according to campaign group 20’s Plenty for Us. 

Jeremy Leach, London Campaign Coordinator for 20’s Plenty for Us said: “Vehicle speeds have a huge impact on how safe it is to walk and cycle and, just as importantly, how safe walking and cycling feel. 

“Having a consistent 20mph limit on almost all of the TfL roads across these five boroughs will help enormously in bringing vehicle speeds down on these roads and making them safer and more attractive for everyone who uses them.”

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