UK: Royal Mail Fully Electrifies Its First Delivery Office

Gradually, more sites will be 100% electric.

As electrification progresses, more and more fleets are adding electric delivery vehicles and Royal Mail, a British postal service and courier company, is no exception.

Most recently, the company announced its first delivery office that operates a 100% electric delivery fleet.

All 23 diesel vans at a Bristol Delivery Office were replaced with new, all-electric ones. Judging from the photo, those are the Peugeot e-Expert mid-size vans.

“The Bristol East Central Delivery Office, located in the City’s Easton area, has had its 23 diesel delivery and collection vans replaced by fully electric equivalents – comprising the Office’s entire collection and delivery fleet. Six electric charging posts have also been installed on the site as part of the transformation. The electricity for powering the office and for charging the vehicles is from 100% renewable sources.”

The range of the vehicles is estimated at up to 125 miles (200 km) – depending on weather and load size – which suggests the larger battery version of 75 kWh (see specs here).

“The fully electric vans have a significantly (up to 60%) larger load space than the vehicles they have replaced, giving them additional capacity to deal with growing parcel volumes. With lower maintenance requirements, the electric fleet promises more on-road time and higher levels of reliability.”

One of the most important things is that EVs are already considered good enough not only to replace some of the conventional vehicles but all, without exception.

We guess that in the coming years it will not be news, but rather a norm that entire local fleets to become electric. Lack of emission, energy savings and potential maintenance savings, with some incentives on top of that are things that attract fleets.

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