UK fuel sales 40 percent down on pre-lockdown levels despite record low petrol costs

Fuel sales were at just 61 percent of their typical values last week as some motorists continued to stay away. Data from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy revealed average sales have climbed steadily since lockdown was eased. 


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Recent stats were up 7.5 percent on the previous week’s sales data although averages had not yet returned to normal levels. 

Fuel use dramatically dropped during the shutdown with data revealing massive declines in use.

For the 10 weeks from March 23, data has revealed average fuel sales were 7,900 litres per filling station. 

This figure was just 45 percent of the average fuel sold during the previous eight weeks proving demand was down. 

Analysis from Quotezone has revealed motorists spent 63 percent less on fuel in April than February as drivers looked to save costs.

Greg Wilson, founder of the firm, has predicted household’s could have saved up to £112 on fuel alone during the lockdown. 

However, he predicted those that used to commute could have saved as much as £500 as they were not using their cars. 

Mr Wilson said: “The lockdown has caused financial difficulties for a lot of people in the UK, but one area where many have been able to save a bit of cash is their transport costs. 

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“This new research reveals that the average amount motorists spent on fuel in April was 63% lower than in February, and an average of 45% less during the course of the lockdown.

“With a typical British household spending an average of £25 on fuel during a normal week, that means households are likely to have saved an average of £112 on fuel during the lockdown. 

“Although people with longer commutes may well have saved as much as £400 or £500.”

Recent analysis from Go Compare revealed UK drivers have saved an average of £267million on fuel during lockdown. 


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GoCompare expert Matt Oliver said it would be interesting to see how fuel usage changes once lockdown is lifted. 

He claimed many companies would continue remote workoh operations which will affect the daily commute and fuel use for many motorists. 

Research from motoring experts Carwow has revealed more than two-fifths of drivers have spent less than £10 on petrol during the last month. 

A third of road users admitted to not purchasing any petrol at all despite prices dramatically falling.  

Just one third said they had taken advantage of the cheaper fuel to fill up their tanks with 35 percent saying they were planning to do so before costs increased. 

Last week, fuel prices rose for the first time in eighteen weeks after historic drops wiped over 20p per litre off petrol and diesel costs. 

Petrol was now priced at 105.17p per litre with diesel 111.76 pence after costs dropped due to a decrease in demand. 

Vix Leyrton, consumer expert at Carwow warned motorists that now was the time to take advantage of low petrol and diesel prices. 

RAC fuel watch has revealed petrol costs were most likely to drop any further but more could come off the price of diesel.

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