UK fuel prices: How much do you pay compared to the EU?

Martin Lewis provides advice on cutting fuel costs

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Fuel was in plentiful supply but a shortage of workers to deliver fuel to forecourts – resulting in miles long queues at petrol stations. The average daily price for a litre reached 142.94p at the end of October as the crisis came to a head – and fuel prices haven’t recovered since.

The soaring cost adds an additional £15 to the cost of filling up a 55-litre car.

Petrol prices have climbed in line with global oil market prices, which have more than doubled from a year ago.

The changes make the UK one of the least affordable places to fill up your vehicle in Europe.

According to research conducted by Urbantz, a 55-litre tank of petrol will set you back an average of £81 in the UK, compared to an approximate £66 a year ago.

The UK surprisingly ranks lower than a number of other European countries for its fuel costs – including Denmark, the Netherlands, Italy and Greece.

But the UK is beaten by a number of countries, such as Germany, Ireland, France, Austria and Switzerland.

The Netherlands has the most expensive fuel in Europe, with the Dutch paying £94 for 55 litres.

The Finnish pay £87 for the same, whereas their neighbours Sweden pay £1 less at £86.

Italians pay £1 more than the Brits at £82 every time they refuel, and the UK is level with Portugal, whose residents pay £81 to fill up.

Our neighbours Ireland pay just £1 less to fill up at £80 a tank.

Perhaps surprisingly, Switzerland pays £75 to put petrol in their cars, even as the most expensive country in Europe to live in.

Austrians pay less than most other Europeans for their fuel, with an average cost of £67.

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A spokesperson for Urbantz told “With the cost of petrol and electricity skyrocketing due to rising wholesale costs, this data offers a striking picture of where the UK sits in Europe when it comes to the average cost of fuel.

“Despite earning among the lowest weekly salaries in the Western and Northern Europe, we still have some of the highest electricity and petrol prices, only fuelled by recent supply chain issues and the soaring global price of oil.

“In the UK, electricity and petrol prices currently swallow up over a quarter – 27 percent – of the average weekly wage, and we can only expect prices to increase further with the recent collapse of energy suppliers and upcoming cold weather.”

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