Toyota is the most valuable automotive brand in 2022 – Mercedes ahead of BMW, Tesla records biggest jump –

Interbrand has released its list of the most valuable brands of 2022 with Toyota once again topping the list of the most valuable automotive brands with a brand value of US$59.757 billion (RM283 billion). The figure represents a 10% increase in brand value from the previous year, putting Toyota in sixth place in the overall Top 100 Best Global Brand; up from 7th last year.

Toyota is trailed closely by Mercedes-Benz as the second most valuable automotive brand after the company saw a 10% increase in brand value to US$56.103 billion (RM266 billion) in 2022. The list is followed by Tesla in third position with a 32% increase in brand value – the largest increase in brand value and the fastest growing among other automotive brands – at US$48.002 billion (RM227 billion).

BMW comes in fourth after slipping from third last year, despite increasing its brand value by 11% to US$46.331 billion (RM219 billion), followed by Honda valued at US$22.837 billion (RM108 billion), Hyundai at US$17.314 billion (RM82 billion), Audi at US$14.976 billion (RM71 billion), Volkswagen at US$14.819 billion (RM70 billion) and Ford at US$14.431 billion (RM68 billion).

Completing the Top 10 list is Porsche at US$13.504 billion (RM64 billion). Compared to the 2021 list, Tesla is the only brand to move up a place – from fourth to third place – swapping places with BMW while the rest of the top 10 positions in 2022 for automotive brands remain unchanged from before. Aside from Tesla, Ferrari also saw a significant increase in brand value by 31% – making it the only other automotive brand to record an increase in brand value by over 30%.

Overall, Apple leads the charts as the most valuable brand of 2022 at US$482.215 billion (RM2.2 trillion) followed by Microsoft at US$278.288 billion (RM1.32 trillion), Amazon at US$274.819 billion (RM1.3 trillion), Google at US$251.751 billion (RM1.1 trillion) and Samsung at US$87.689 billion (RM416 billion). For the first time ever, the total brand value of the Best Global Brands has reached over US$3 trillion (RM14.2 trillion) representing a 16% increase from 2021.

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