Toyota is the most valuable automotive brand in 2021 – Mercedes ahead of BMW; Tesla trumps Audi, Porsche –

Interbrand has just released the list for 2021’s most valuable global brands, and once again, Toyota is at the top of the automotive chart with a brand value of US$54.107 billion (RM225 billion).

Mercedes-Benz trailed closely behind with a value of US$50,866 billion (RM211 billion), followed by BMW in third (US$41.631 billion; RM172.7 billion), Tesla (US$36.27 billion; RM150.5 billion) and Honda (US$21.315 billion; RM88.4 billion). Tesla recorded a staggering growth of 184% this year, tripling its brand value from 2020 and placing it way ahead of Audi, Porsche and Ferrari.

Hyundai slipped to sixth place in the auto rankings with a brand value of US$15.168 billion (RM63 billion), followed by Audi (US$13.474 billion; RM56 billion), Volkswagen (US$13.423 billion; RM55.7 billion), and Ford (US$12.861 billion; RM53.3 billion). Porsche completes the top 10 rankings with a brand value of US$11.739 billion (RM48.72 billion).

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In terms of overall rankings, Toyota is ranked seventh, with Apple (US$408.251 billion; RM1.69 trillion), Amazon (US$249.249 billion; RM1.03 trillion) and Microsoft (US$210.191 billion; RM872 billion) taking the top three spots respectively. Google is in fourth place, followed by Samsung and Coca-Cola in fifth and sixth positions.

The Interbrand rankings are based on three key components that contribute to a brand’s cumulative value – the financial performance of the branded products and services; the role the brand plays in influencing customer choice; and the strength the brand has to command a premium price or secure earnings for the company.

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