Toyota GR86 fully snapped up in UK in 90 mins – no further allocation, 'when they’re gone, they’re gone' –

It was always going to be popular, but this is next level stuff, helped by unique circumstances. The Toyota GR86 went on sale last week in the UK, and was sold out 90 minutes after the order books opened.

That’s the entire UK allocation spoken for in less than two hours. And if you think this is a classic PR trick of selling out a tiny initial batch to create hype, this is it – there’s no more further allocation planned for the UK, which is a big market for sports and enthusiast cars.

Toyota told Autocar that any additional allocation for the UK market is “not in the plan at this stage”. Why the rush? The latest 86 will only be sold on in Europe for two years. The limited production run for Europe is because the sports car will not meet future safety regulations in the continent. “When they’re gone, they’re gone,” Toyota said.

Those who missed the boat (not an indication of how the 86 drives, which is anything but) were offered a place on a waiting list, in case any orders are cancelled or fall through. The wait list will be operated in a chronological order against the time customers tried to order. Deliveries there are set to start in July. Sounds a bit like our online rush for AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccines – remember that?

Besides the good reputation as a driver’s car gained from the previous (GT) 86 and great initial reviews, a low UK price might have helped the GR86’s cause. Starting from just £29,995 (RM168,207), it’s one of the most affordable sports coupes on sale there, and £30k is where mid-spec versions of the ND Mazda MX-5 sit.

Just one trim level for the UK, and it includes goodies such as 18-inch alloys with Michelin PS4 tyres, 8.0-inch touchscreen, reverse camera and blind spot monitor, LED adaptive headlights and a 7.0-inch digital meter panel. The Subaru BRZ‘s twin is powered by a 2.4L boxer-four with 235 PS/250 Nm, paired to a six-speed manual gearbox. The 6AT is a £2,090 (RM11,721) option in the UK.

What do you think of the GR86? The FR coupe could very well reach Malaysia this year.

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