This Mexican police rendering of the Tesla Cybertruck is even better than we could have hoped

The year is 2035. The countryside of north-central Mexico is overrun by mutant cyborg peccaries; the streets are controlled by the vicious paleta cartels. The small but brave men of the Ciudad Valles Policía Municpal, and their bitchin’ Cybertruck, are all that stands between the shreds of what we once called civilization and total chaos.

One of the best things, or possibly the only good thing, about the ongoing Tesla Cybertruck saga is the slew of Photoshops and general trolling it has spawned. Here is the angular EV pickup reimagined as the Warthog from Halo, for example. And here is Lego’s response to the big unveil.

Adrián Esper Cárdenas, mayor of Ciudad Valles, Mexico, wanted to get in on the action by rendering the Cybertruck as a police vehicle; the results are … well, the longer you look, the better it gets. The heart-shaped purple lights (are they flashers?) up front are a nice touch, as are the rather small men Photoshopped into the truck’s bed. And is that front bull bar a Corvette spoiler? This is top-level stuff.

It would be funny, except that Cárdenas apparently preordered 15 of the trucks—10 of them two-motor, and five of them tri-motor configuration—and the renderings are part of a somewhat sad attempt to score a discount when it comes time to take delivery.

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