This All-Electric RV From SylvanSport Will Offer 400 Miles Of Range

With Zeus’ expertise in making a fully configurable class 3-8 electric work truck chassis and SylvanSport’s renown as a maker of adventure trailers, outdoor gear and camping accessories, this electric RV joint project seems to be a perfect match.

The motorhome concept isn’t named yet, but the joint project aims to offer a new line of all-electric RVs under the codenae “Leading the Charge.” Preliminary specs include all-wheel-drive military grade axles, independent coil spring suspensions at the front and at the back, liquid-cooled permanent magnet AC motors, and a total output of 290 horsepower (217 kW) and 3,000 pound-feet (4,067 Newton-meters) of torque.

The gross vehicle weight rating is at 14,000 pounds, while initial dimensions can go as long as 25 feet, as wide as 12 feet and 3 inches, and as tall as 10 feet.

Meanwhile, battery size wasn’t mentioned but a full charge is said to be able to provide up to 400 miles (644 kilometers) of range. That’s a lot and if ever you need to charge up, the expected product should come with a Level 2 DC fast charging aboard.

Zeus and SylvanSport plan to reveal their concepts within this year and in 2022, so we’re sure some of these numbers will still change by then.


Zeus, SylvanSport

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