This 1981 Toyota Trekker Is an Immaculate Example of the Small Trucks We Miss

Pickup trucks used to be simple. Basic, reliable transportation that got work done. They’ve strayed from that, but that doesn’t mean the dream is dead: for an admittedly wild price, you can get a gorgeous, simple, reliable 1981 Toyota Trekker. Bring yourself back to the easy days.

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Of course, there are easier ways to reignite the flame we carry for the understated workhorse. Old Ford Rangers and Dodge Dakotas aren’t hard to find. But in this 1981 Trekker, there’s something better. It’s not that it’s simple; through its immaculate body and bold paint scheme, it’s proud to be an old, dependable truck.

Especially now, when average truck prices are creeping toward $50,000 and interiors have more USB ports than windows, it’s easy to understand the appeal of something that isn’t so complicated. And as marker lights warn of the perennially growing bodies of modern trucks, the small and nimble Toyota looks delightfully out of place.

The problem is that the selling dealership, Vanguard Motor Sales, wants $49,900 for the Trekker. That’s easy to dismiss at a glance, when you could get a well-optioned new Tundra. But when you see the janky touchscreen and overwrought grille of Toyota’s latest truck, the value of something like this becomes obvious.

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