The 5.0-Liter CJ Renegade Is the V-8 Wrangler Jeep Won't Make Again

It doesn’t look like Jeep is going to make a V-8 Wrangler any time soon. The engine bay is too small, the emissions rules are too strict, and the crash standards are too tough when there’s so little free space for support structure. None of that is likely to change, which means you may never be able to buy a V-8 Jeep Wrangler again. The good news is, for less than the price of a new JL, you can get a factory-built CJ Renegade with a V-8.

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Those looking for a mental replacement for the Hellcat-powered Jeep of their dreams, though, should keep searching. While many aftermarket shops have dropped big power into Wranglers, Jeeps factory efforts were never very potent. The 5.0-liter AMC V-8 that was optional on the CJ Renegade made just 150 hp, while the modern V-6 Wrangler makes about 285 hp. The CJ, though, is much lighter.

This one for sale from Worldwide Vintage Motors is light blue and comes with a white hard top. It’s an interesting retro color combination that perfectly suits the boxy Jeep. Add a manual transmission, a reupholstered interior, and a few engine upgrades and it’s easy to see why this ’78 Jeep is going for $17,900.

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