Tesla Model Y Owner Reviews Ford Mustang Mach-E

The Tesla Model Y and Ford Mustang Mach-E are two of the most popular electric crossovers on sale at the moment, so which one should you buy? Well YouTuber and Tesla owner Lockett Tech recently had the chance to check out a Mach-E and compare it with his Model Y.

Lockett Tech started with the exterior, praising the Mach-E’s bold styling. He also noted the large frunk and lack of door handles – a feature that works well once you’re used to it. Inside, he praised the stitching and steering wheel. The infotainment works well however some of the buttons can be annoying – for example you always have to press an on/off switch when leaving the car.

There’s plenty of USB ports and decent room in the rear seats. You also get a lot of trunk space – although not quite as much as in the Model Y. Lockett Tech then spoke about the driving experience. He said the Mach-E feels a lot more like a traditional car than a Tesla. He also noted the seats were more hard and less comfortable than those of the Model Y. Acceleration is good on his Standard Range AWD car – just over 5 seconds.

Lockett Tech isn’t a fan of using the Mustang name – he feels it should be reserved for the muscle car only. The infotainment system is well laid out and intuitive although it lacks features like video streaming and games – that said it does have Apple CarPlay / Android Auto which of course his Tesla does not.

Range is okay. On the Standard Range AWD you’ll get around 200 miles of real-world range. That said, the Extended Range version is a much fairer rival to the Long Range Model Y from a pricing perspective. It managed 285 miles of range in our 70 mph test. Lockett Tech believes you should buy the Extended Range version to avoid range anxiety – its not that much more expensive considering what you get. 

Lockett Tech feels there is a significant lack of non-Tesla charging infrastructure. That said, he found the range estimate to be much more accurate in the Mach-E than in his Model Y. Driver assist features are good in the Mach-E, as is the one-pedal driving.

In summary, Lockett Tech believes the Mach-E is a good EV and a solid alternative to the Model Y. Whether or not he’d swap his Y for one is a different story – the charging network simply isn’t good enough for him as he often road trips. Perhaps when Tesla opens up their charging network to other automakers his opinion could change.

Source: Lockett Tech

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