Tesla Cybertruck Spied On Test Track Looking Closer To Production

A video showing a flyover of the Tesla’s facility in Fremont, California, offers the best glimpse yet at the nearly production-spec Tesla Cybertruck. Check out the Brobdingnagian size of that windshield wiper.

The Cybertruck is lapping the Fremont site’s test loop and occasionally pulls into a nearby parking lot. The drone recording the footage captures the pickup from nearly every angle for about 13 minutes until the driver pulls the vehicle into a white tent.

The exterior design look has a distinct similarity to the Cybertruck prototype’s debut in 2019, but there are a few notable changes. The full-width headlights are gone and are now two, separate strips of lamps. They also now have a lower position and are no longer on the tip of the hood’s edge.

There’s a great look at the single, massive windshield wiper on the driver’s side A-pillar. Let’s hope owners don’t need to replace it too often because the size looks unwieldy. Since no other vehicles share the part, replacements might be expensive, too.

Unlike the prototype, this vehicle has proper side mirrors. The rearview mirror might be a display for a camera because rearward visibility seems very limited. Even if there is a glass panel between the cab and cargo bed, the tailgate would seem to obstruct the view.

The perspective from the top of the Cybertruck reveals a broad dashboard. The distance from the windshield to where the driver is sitting appears to be a few feet.

The taillights are something we don’t see in the video. On the prototype, these lamps span the upper section of the rear and go through the tailgate. This is an odd thing to be absent on a vehicle that is seemingly near production.

Current speculation suggests the Cybertruck finally goes on sale in 2022. As of August 2021, Tesla had an estimated 1.25 million pre-orders for the pickup.

Source: Chile Al100 via Sawyer Merritt

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