Tesla CCS1 Adapter For Proprietary Charging Inlet Is Coming

…but for now, the unofficial sources indicate only in South Korea. What about North America?

According to an unofficial report from South Korea (via Electrek), Tesla soon will introduce a new charging adapter that will allow connecting the cars with the proprietary Tesla charging inlet to the public CCS Combo 1 chargers.

CCS1 was selected as the nationwide DC fast charging standard in South Korea, similar to North America.

However, while the market launch of the Tesla-CCS1 adapter will be in South Korea in the first half of 2021, it’s not yet clear whether Tesla will launch it also in North America and a few other markets, where the proprietary inlet is used.

By having the Tesla-CCS1 adapter, all of the Tesla cars in South Korea (Model S/X/3/Y) would be able to use the public DC fast charging infrastructure. The CHAdeMO chargers are available through the Tesla-CHAdeMO adapter as well, while the AC charging infrastructure (J1772) has its own AC adapter.


In Europe, where the CCS Combo 2 is used, Tesla has launched its cars with a charging inlet (for AC and DC charging) compatible with the Type 2 charging standard (Model S/X). Model 3 is equipped with a CCS2 charging inlet.

To make the cars compatible with public DC charging infrastructure, the Model S/X can get CHAdeMO-Tesla (Type 2 inlet) adapter and a CCS2-Tesla (Type 2 inlet) adapter (it’s cheaper since Summer 2020). Model 3 is natively compatible with all Type 2 (AC) and CCS2 (DC) and can not use a CHAdeMO adapter.

To handle Model S/X and Model 3 at its own charging networks, the Superchargers were retrofitted with additional DC charging plugs (for CCS2 inlet in Model 3 and future cars).

It’s starting to be a mess, especially if you want to explain the situation to EV newbies.

It would be great if Tesla would start selling Model S/X with CCS2 compatible charging inlets in Europe as well. And it would be great if the North American market would get an adapter for CCS1 (or some compatible charging inlet).

Third-party adapters

Meanwhile, the Chinese company Setec Power is also trying to introduce a DC fast charging adapter for Tesla’s proprietary standard to use CCS1 chargers.

We are not sure whether it’s working, but Setec Power is willing to sell those for $660 with specs as follows:

  • Current 200A
  • Voltage 100-1000Vdc
  • Operating Temperature -30°C to +50°C
  • Storage Temperature -40°C to +85°C
  • Enclosure Rating IP54


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