Summer traffic: How drivers can make the most of their road trip this year – expert advice

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The RAC suggests around 2.6 million trips will be taken on Sunday, followed by three million trips on Monday. In addition, drivers are planning a further 3.6 million journey’s at some point over the course of the four days.

Experts at car finance marketplace CarFinance 247 are advising drivers to take their advice for the best way to stay cool this weekend and for the rest of the summer.

They advise drivers to cover their steering wheels to avoid getting scalded by the high temperatures.

This is especially important when the car is parked in the sun.

Using a solar powered ventilator is also a vital bit of kit to keep the car cool in the higher temperatures.

Converting the sun’s light into solar power, these ventilators will continue to circulate air even when the engine’s not running, leaving the car much more comfortable.

The right sunglasses are vital as wearing the wrong pair of sunglasses can leave drivers at risk of causing an accident.

Oversized frames and dark lenses make it tougher to spot road hazards.

Drivers should ensure their safety and avoid a hefty fine by choosing a pair of sunglasses with the same sized frame as standard glasses and either photochromic or fixed tint lenses.


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Most holidaying Brits will be staying local this summer, as travel restrictions remain in place abroad, so roads are likely to be busier than ever.

By planning the route ahead of time and avoiding key motorways, drivers could save some significant time.

While alternative routes may seem longer at first, the roads could be quieter and prevent motorists from sitting in traffic on a sweltering summer day.

A small spray bottle of water is a lifesaver in a hot car and will cool down hot surfaces like seat belts and interior handles.

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