Subaru's 1,073-HP STI E-RA Concept Takes Center Stage In Tokyo

Subaru Tecnica International sets the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon ablaze with an introduction of two EV concepts: the STI E-RA and Soltera STI concept vehicles. With carbon-neutral concepts involved, it’s certainly a new era for the Japanese marque’s motorsports division.

Headlining the Subaru’s booth this year is the Subaru STI E-RA Concept. It’s part of the company’s STI E-RA Challenge Project, a near-future STI motorsport study. It aims to gain “experience and training of new technologies in the world of motorsports in this carbon-neutral era.”

Powering the STI E-RA Concept are four high-torque motors – one motor positioned near each of the four wheels – enabling Subaru to employ a four-wheel torque vectoring technology. These motors were developed and supplied by Yamaha, with a total power output of 1,073 horsepower (800 kilowatts) drawing juice from a 60kWH lithium-ion battery. Subaru sees this as the best direction to work in as the all-wheel-drive system is part of the regulations for future motorsport (FIA E-GT).

In addition, we’ll see the STI E-RA at the Nurburgring from 2023 onward, with a goal to set a lap time of 6 minutes 40 seconds.

Subaru Solterra STI Concept

Standing side-by-side with the STI E-RA Concept is the Solterra STI Concept, based on the all-electric Solterra SUV that made its debut in Japan and in the US in November 2021.

There seem to be no additional performance bits added to the Solterra STI Concept; only aesthetic enhancements. The upgrades include a roof spoiler, cherry-red under spoilers, and other special parts on its exterior.

The Solterra EV is powered by two motors, one on each axle, with each motor generating 107 hp (80 kW). The combined output is 215 hp (160 kW). With 71.4 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, the Solterra has a range of approximately 285 miles (460 kilometers) per Japan’s WLTC standard. The US version has an estimated range of over 220 mi (354 km).

Source: Subaru

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