Soteria And SVOLT Will Sell A Thermal-Runaway-Free Li-Ion Cell

Thank Dreamweaver separators and another Soteria masterstroke for that.

Make sure you show this article to everyone who says lithium-ion battery technology cannot evolve much more. One of the major safety issues they present has been addressed in an incredible way by Soteria. Not only that: the solution will soon be available to customers through SVOLT. What these companies promise is that you will not hear about thermal runaway with their cells, as the video above shows.

A short circuit normally causes these events in batteries. When it happens, it increases the temperature inside the cell, melting the separators and putting the cathode in direct contact with the anode, which produces even more heat. When a battery is affected, it causes the same problem in the nearby cells, which results in catastrophic fires in electric vehicles.

According to Soteria, that’s because current batteries are conceived in the wrong way. They have robust metal current collectors that can deliver the energy of the entire cell to the short circuit, either caused by a defect – such as in the Hyundai Kona Electric recall – or by dendrites, which perforate the separators.

Soteria inverted the situation: it created thermally unstable metal current collectors and a stable separator. The video below compares how regular separators behave in the presence of heat compared to the separator Soteria created.

Customers may start to ask why risk driving something that can burn to the ground should anything go wrong when Soteria batteries can eliminate that risk. It seems even solid-state batteries may need to up their game before it even started: Soteria batteries already present one of their biggest advantages.

Source:Soteria BIG via Green Car Congress

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