Sleek GM Design Sketch Shows Off A Sporty Car Interior

Is that the Camaro badge on the steering wheel?

The GM Design Instagram page is a treasure trove of imaginative what-ifs, and the latest post imagines a futuristic interior for a sporty car. GM’s post didn’t specify which model this interior is supposed to be for, though the rectangular steering wheel features front and center an interpretation of the red, white, and blue Camaro badge. Sadly, this is just a design sketch, and it’s unclear if the Camaro will get a seventh-generation model.

The sketch, by Tristan Murphy, shows off a driver-focused interior that tries to eliminate the clunky digital instrument cluster, replacing it with a head-up display and two smaller screens on the sides, which feels like the natural evolution car interiors will experience in the coming decade. It also looks like there are indicators integrated at the top of the steering wheel, with paddle shifters poking out behind it.

The center console appears to feature GM’s push-button gear selector, which sits behind what looks like a pronounced trackpad and a deep storage cubby. The infotainment display is buried deep below the top of the dash, almost like it’s tucked underneath it. It’s a very simple and clean interior design that’d look great in a future Camaro iteration, though we don’t know if the model will live long enough for that to happen.

Camaro sales have dwindled year over year, fueling rumors of its demise. Through the first half of this year, Chevy sold just under 10,000 Camaros, far below its competitors, which both breached 30,000 sales for the same period. A new rumor circulating alleges that the Camaro could continue as an all-electric sedan, though we’ll believe that one when we see it. Then again, it does look like Ford is finding success with its Mustang Mach-E crossover. Anything is possible, though we’d love to see this interior in a future two-door Camaro. 


GM Design / Instagram

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